About Us

Our life changes every day - the way we work, communicate, and live together is infinitely dynamic.
Q1/ 2020, all of us were forced to change our social interaction as well as our health habits. This global milestone rattled us and was our call to action to start transforming.

Connecting medical knowledge, years of sports & fitness experience, and right nutrition with state-of-the-art technologies, we’ve set ourselves a mission - to create an entirely new disruptive health & fitness solution. This, adapted to the new realities solution, should guide, support, and inspire everyone to self-sufficient reach their highest goals as well as long-term hold proud achievements.  

Our vision is to change the way people train – forever. To train the right way without depending on anyone but theirself  - anytime, everywhere!

Meet Our Team

Dr. med. Julian Maurer

Doctor, sports scientist and
former competitive athlete

Co-Founder niiu.me

Alexandr Floka

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Founder and CEO

Francisco Falise

BSc aerospace engineering & medical engineering @ TUM

Chief Operating Officer

Fernando Naydis

Certified Physiotherapist & Physio Innovator

Founder “Prohands” physical therapy and rehabilitation studio, Munich

Vienna Klein

PhD Cand. Business Analytics & Management Science

Research Assistant @ University of Bundeswehr – Machine Learning

PhD Dmitry Kulikov

Senior Software Engineer (AI / Tracking)

Applied mathematics, Mentor @ Artificial intelligence and Computer Science

Our Philosophy

We will give You all the tools you need to reach your goals
We will support You at each and every milestone – we believe in You because We are You!