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Strong woman
Female Advisor
Steps to lose weight easily
How can I balance work and motherhood?
How to deal with stress and anxiety?
travel advisor
Travel Advisor
How to plan a budget-friendly trip?
How to choose best travel insurance?
What are the must-see tourist spots in Bali?
relationship support
Love Advisor
Do long-distance relationships work?
What are the signs of a toxic relationship?
5 ways to find out if my partner is cheating.
individual nutrition plan
Benefits of drinking water.
How many calories should I eat in a day if I weigh 62 kg?
Individual balanced diet plan.
chatbot gpt
chatbot gpt
chatgpt app
young mother
Brave Mom
Why doesn't my child like vegetables?
How can I get my baby to sleep through the night?
How to handle a postpartum depression?
private tutor
Private tutor
How to list education on resume?
Individual plan to learn Spanish in 30 days.
How to stay motivated when learning a new skill?
personal fitness plan
Fitness Coach
What to eat before a outdoor workout?
Individual finess plan for females.
Easiest exercises for weight loss.
personal fitness plan
Life Style Guide
How to practice mindfulness and reduce stress?
What are the latest fashion trends for young women?
How to stop a panic attack?

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Trending prompts

What are people curious about now? What are the best advices regarding weight loss? What's trending in my region?

Trending prompts is like scrolling Instagram for self-aware people! Whether it's "Dinner ideas under 10$", "How to keep my kids occupied for 3 hours" or "kicking out an abuser" - you never know whats coming next. But you can be sure, it's always really  interesting, informative, and fun!

Let's peek anonymously what's going on globally ;)  

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chatgpt history
coming soon...

prompts history

One of the most convenient features is your chat history - accesable within on click. Access your previous conversations, review past discussions, refer back to important information, and pick up where you left off.

With chat history, you never have to worry about losing valuable insights. It's a helpful tool for staying organized and maintaining continuity in your conversations.

And when you're done, you can easily delete single chats or the whole chat history within just one click!

Coming soon

Business Features

You thought getting your Email answered within seconds or creating business ideas on TikTok is all we got?

Coming soon for those, that need fast decisions and are always on the move - the document uploading feature.

Whether it's a Word file, PDF, or any other supported format, you can simply upload it to the app and summarize, analyze, or translate it.

Sort through the content, extract the necessary information, and even generate concise contextual articles or reports. It's a powerful tool for managing and utilizing your textual data effectively.

ai analysis app
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    business and lifestyle prompts
    saving over 92% of your life time
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Get instance access to:
  • Creating your individual assistant
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  • Unlimited access to predefined
    AI assistant roles & 500+
  • Context Awareness: Picks up the
    right conversational context
  • AI Performance: Most productive
    business and lifestyle prompts
    saving over 92% of your life time
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What are our users saying about their experience?

I've used the chatbot from OpenAI ever since it was launched. Now I have found a mobile chatgpt app, that I can use on my phone everywhere and is looks nicer.

happy app user

Marian Dubois

June 14. 2023
feedback quotes

The ALFA ChatGPT mobile app has become a key part of my life. It's fully flexible and saves me time for a lot of simple decisions that drained my time.

openai user

Peter Wiessling

April 28. 2023
ai feedback

The most user friendly AI chatbot ever!
ALFA app is very helpful in my personal life and at work. It is very easy to use and it can give very good answers to every question when I choose the assistants.

satisfied app user


April 29. 2023
quote openai

I'm a young mother and sometimes just overloaded with my daughter. I like that the app gives me helpful answers that I understand and don't have to decide from the whole answers in google which one is the right one.

ai app user


June 16. 2023
ai quote openai

Like the answers and design in dark mode. Easy to find, looks nice

mobile ai app

Anna Stadler

May 04. 2023
ai brackets

Super fast!

Used other apps, but this one is really fast.

app ai user


May 04. 2023
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