About ChatGPT & ALFA AI for fitness
Our collaboration will change your travel business in the most positive way! Everybody is talking about AI, and finally, it's here to support your travel service with an irreplaceable AI assistant with Chat GPT - limited time free offer!

Seamless integration

Easily integrate our ChatGPT module into your mobile solution with minimal effort.

Fixed price

As transparent as it gets, without any hidden costs. Pay once for a ready-to-use solution.

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Provide personal interaction, boosting conversion rates & your revenue.

improve customer experience

Data analysis

ChatGPT can analyze data related to fitness programs, customer preferences, and engagement patterns. It can provide insights and recommendations based on data analysis, helping fitness businesses to optimize their offerings, improve customer experience, and drive better results.

assist with common support

Customer support

ChatGPT can handle customer inquiries, provide information about products or services, and assist with common support questions, such as membership inquiries, class schedules, pricing, and promotions. It can help streamline customer support processes and provide quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries.

provide information about fitness

Sales and lead generation

ChatGPT can engage with potential customers, provide information about fitness services or products, and guide them through the sales process. It can help capture leads, qualify them, and provide relevant information to potential customers, ultimately helping to drive sales.

provide information about products or services

Virtual training and coaching

ChatGPT can provide virtual training and coaching sessions, guiding users through exercises, providing instructions, and monitoring their progress. This can be particularly useful for online fitness businesses or remote coaching programs, allowing users to access fitness guidance from anywhere, anytime.


ChatGPT iOS module (Swift)
ChatGPT Android module (Kotlin)
Live Chat functionality
Save chat history locally (DB)
Module UI design (3x iterations)
Code integration by ALFA AI
Prompt engineering
Running locally on your server incl. Document / DB integration
Model fine tuning & adaption


Fast & Furious Plug-and-Play modules.
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Design and integration done by our team.
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Unique corporate solution - 100% tailored.
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Help youragency deliver a consistent and highest-quality customer experience, even during seasonal fluctuations when your team may beoverwhelmed with inquiries, having a day off or saving time for staff training.
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