About ChatGPT & ALFA AI for Business
Our collaboration will change your travel business in the most positive way! Everybody is talking about AI, and finally, it's here to support your travel service with an irreplaceable AI assistant with Chat GPT - limited time free offer!

Seamless integration

Easily integrate our ChatGPT module into your mobile solution with minimal effort.

Fixed price

As transparent as it gets, without any hidden costs. Pay once for a ready-to-use solution.

Immediate upgrade

Provide personal interaction, boosting conversion rates & your revenue.

Promotion & Growth

Enhanced Company& Product Descriptions

E-commerce companiesare using ChatGPT to enhance product descriptions for their website. Ase-commerce is a competitive industry, consumers have seemingly endless choices.Companies are using ChatGPT to write catchy product descriptions to attractcustomers as companies know that product descriptions are an integral part oftheir website and can be the reason why their sales sink or soar.

Translate anything with artificial intelligence

MultilingualCustomer & IT Service

ChatGPT is widelyused to handle customer service inquiries like frequently asked questions,order tracking, and returns. A highly tailored customer experience may becreated by chatbots since they have greater access to and memory capacity thana human. The capacity to provide support at any moment, regardless of whenclients are buying online, is another benefit of utilizing chatbots ineCommerce. There are many usecases of ChatGPT in solving customers’ queries. ChatGPT helps to reduce thestrain on customer service teams and improve response times withoutcompromising quality.

Promotion & Growth

Research and Content Curation

An OpenAI largelanguage model, ChatGPT is largely being used to research any topic online andselect relevant content from various sources. These particular use cases ofChatGPT help businesses develop a coherent and effective content marketingplan.


ChatGPT iOS module (Swift)
ChatGPT Android module (Kotlin)
Live Chat functionality
Save chat history locally (DB)
Module UI design (3x iterations)
Code integration by ALFA AI
Prompt engineering
Running locally on your server incl. Document / DB integration
Model fine tuning & adaption


Fast & Furious Plug-and-Play modules.
Start up special


Design and integration done by our team.
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Unique corporate solution - 100% tailored.
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Always stay one leap ahead!

Help youragency deliver a consistent and highest-quality customer experience, even during seasonal fluctuations when your team may beoverwhelmed with inquiries, having a day off or saving time for staff training.
Experiencethe ALFA AI Chat GPT integration for free now on a limited-timepartnership offer, provided to chosen best travel agencies.
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