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ALFA AI was founded aiming to set new standards in the software and AI development using cutting edge technologies.  Using the agile flexibility of a Start-Up and over 12 years of software development experience in the finance / banking, pharmaceutical & industry sector we were able to provide new fast scaling solutions compliant with all DE/ EU regulations. 

Currently we were providing automation & AI based custom software development services and products to our customers all over Europe understanding as well the needs as the regulations and requirements. 

Leveraging on the benefits of technical expertise and years of experience on business and AI development projects, ALFA AI has the ability to offer new enhanced services and tools to its clients. We provide our customers with highly innovative software development strategies and solutions tailored to their needs, targeted outcomes and financial constraints ensuring significant market competitive advantages.




• Requirements analysis based on porting old Excel / Macro based business logic to a configurable web platform
• Technical design , UX / UI design and implementation
(Python, vue.JS, Django, Android / iOS, Figma)

Added Value for customer:
• Compliance with regulatory requirements for documentation
• Customer employees and customers have now access to a web based platform instead of using unsecure & vulnerable Excel Based tools
• Reuse of ALFA AI’s data mapping tools lead to development time savings of approx. 28%

Speeding up the processes up to 74%

Requirements engineering

• Development of a license management tool
• Business analysis and SPOC role – derivation of legal framework based business rules into software requirements
• Technical design, UX / UI design, and implementation
(Figma, vue.JS, Django)

Added Value customer:
• Single Point of Contact for business requirements, design and software development leading to a quick implementation with low binding of internal resources on customer side.

Performance Engine for BlackRock Aladdin Wealth*


Added Value for customer:
• Savings of approximately 2 MM EUR (wrt benchmark project**) due to innovative approach with fast prototyping and multi role as software and business coordinator
• Rollout within1 year in Germany
• Full End toEnd responsibility for the creation of algorithms and business logic, coordination with Business and External Providers, the definition of software requirements, prototyping and software implementation, regulatory documentation
• One platform to oversee the performance of all Group deposits - about EUR 200 BN are managed on a daily basis by the performance engine

Performance Engine for banking sector  


Design, implementation and rollout of a group wide performance calculation engine:
• Daily performance at single instrument and or portfolio level (MWRR / TWRR)
• Full computation of Corporate Actions and Capital Flows (instrument / portfolio level) for stocks, bonds, (reverse) convertible bonds, etc.
• Dynamic portfolio aggregation, including cash / savings / time deposits
• Interface integration with upstream systems incl. mainframe and external data providers (Caceis Bank / WM Daten / Refinitiv) as well as data feeding to Aladdin Wealth
• Up to 10 MMdaily transactions processed via CSV mapping (mainframe), database connections and a cloud based platform


Demand Management

• Development of dynamic demand management tool while considering factors such as pricing & delivery resource availability
• Anticipatory sample scenario based value approximation with a tour planning heuristic.
• Solving of explicit pricing optimization problem

Added Value for the customer:
• Increased levels of anticipation increase contribution margin between 10 and 50%
• Transparency in the relation between price flexibility and quality of output product
• Full KPI transparency in Tableau based dashboards


Bundling of order recommendations

Automation of Excel Based tools:
• Grabbing of .xlsx /.csv files from server or mail, filtering, merging
• Comparison of conflicting order recommendations from different market analysis providers
• Simple conflict resolution due to business logic and in extreme case resolution over web platform
• Generation of automated reports


Data mapping and transfer

• Data import from WM Daten (securities master data & related corporate actions) as CSV and database view
• Mapping to data lake format, archiving and mapping to third party’s format •Automation of batch jobs, logs
• Regulatory documentation
• Daily volume:approx. 20 GB


Mobile AI & embedded Computer Vision

Advanced Deep Learning based projects for real time video and audio processing on embedded and mobile platforms under highest performance and energy constraints.

Landmark project:
Replacing Doppler Radar based systems with smartphones. • Technologies used: C++, Python, Swift, Kotlin, Tensorflow and PyTorch, Apple’sVision, CoreML, Python(Django, Pandas, NumPy), digital signal processing•

We are using cutting edge technologies making ALFA AI corporate business solutions as productive as it gets!
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